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Thread: Marah Successive Snapdragons Bug

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    Marah Successive Snapdragons Bug

    1) Be Marah.
    2) Have a point in Q and W.
    3) Have smartcast turned on.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Place a tree and stand at just under 850 range from it.
    2) Place your cursor just behind the tree so that your Q will hit it.
    3) Keep mashing Q until it fires a 2nd time.
    4) As soon as you have pressed Q the first time, move your cursor so that the reset Q will fire in a different direction to the first cast.

    The 2nd Q cast travels in the same direction as the first, not the direction of your mouse cursor at the time the cooldown resets.

    The 2nd Q takes the cursor position when the ability is available to be recast and no sooner.

    I have had this get me killed in games when I try to zip between trees successively (or try to Q a shaper after hitting a tree). It's natural to be mashing Q to get it to go off as soon as you reach the tree so the scenario isn't uncommon.

    Video of the Bug:
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