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Thread: Closed Beta: Patch 24 - Notes

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    Closed Beta: Patch 24 - Notes

    New Shaper

    Marah, the Awakened

    Marah is a melee physical damage bruiser with a commanding presence on the battlefield. Her safe clearing and brutal ganks make her a proficient jungler, but her ability to control space makes her remarkably effective in the lane, as well. Her gameplay revolves around planting trees to create zones of relative safety, then using her wall of brambles to repel advancing enemies; however, if an enemy strays too close, she can go on the offensive in the blink of an eye, pouncing on intruders and cutting off their escape. Marah's ultimate allows her to transition into a late-game juggernaut, wading into the thick of battle and breaking the enemy's ranks, but because her maneuverability drops substantially after she commits to a fight, she must choose her battles carefully; if she pushes too deep and her enemies scatter too quickly, she's likely to get focused down before she can retreat.

    • Passive - Pure Shaper - Circle of Life - Marah may use her abilities freely. Whenever a nearby enemy dies, they drop a Seed of Life that Marah can collect to permanently increase her maximum Health.
    • Q - Snapdragon - Marah throws a vine that pulls her to the first enemy or Tree of Life it grabs. If it hits an enemy, she roots and damages them; if it hits a Tree of Life, Snapdragon's cooldown is refreshed.
    • W - Tree of Life - Marah plants a long-lasting tree that grants her Lifedrain and Attack Speed while she is near it.
    • E - Bramblecrush - Marah hurls a ball of brambles that grows into a wall, damaging enemies they grow over. Enemies trying to pass through the brambles are slowed.
    • R - Force of Nature - Marah surges with life, gaining greatly increased maximum Health and attack range for an extended period. In addition, her basic attacks against shapers stun the target, deal bonus damage, and heal her. This effect can't occur on the same target more than once every few seconds.

    New Spell


    • Saps lifeforce from a targeted enemy Shaper for 5 seconds, dealing 100-550 magical damage over the duration and healing you for 90% of the damage dealt. In addition, all healing effects on the target are reduced by 50% for the duration of the spell.

    New Features


    • Waypoints have now been introduced into Dawngate. Waypoints will act as a paid currency within Dawngate.
    • For the first phase of the Waypoints testing period, varying grants will be awarded to all existing accounts at random. The amount of Waypoints that a player may receive are:
      • 900 Waypoints
      • 1350 Waypoints
      • 1800 Waypoints
      • 2250 Waypoints
    • At this phase Waypoints will not be purchasable. Every subsequent Tuesday at 12:01 AM PST, players will be awarded an additional 450 Waypoints. This will continue until the next phase of testing begins.
    • Accounts made after the initial Waypoints grant will be awarded their random grant the same day at Midnight.
      • For example: if a new account is made on a Friday, that account will be awarded a random grant on Saturday at 12:01 AM PST.

    Shaper / Ward Skins

    • We're happy to introduce Shaper and Ward Skins into the Dawngate. Both will be purchasable with Waypoints at varying costs. A total of two Ward Skins and 8 Shaper Skins will be introduced this patch.
    • Shaper Skins
      • Moonrise Amarynth - 320 WP
      • Sunset Cerulean - 320 WP
      • Final Dispatch Freia - 495 WP
      • House Anzerani Varion - 495 WP
      • Experimental Petrus - 495 WP
      • Sentinel Voluc - 495 WP
      • Forest Dreams Dibs - 495 WP
      • Weaponized Vex - 785 WP
    • Ward Skins
      • The Waystone - 120 WP
      • Spirit of the Heart - 295 WP

    • You may purchase Shaper Skins by visiting the Shaper Gallery, navigating to the Shaper whose Skin you'd like to purchase, select the Skin and click the Waypoints button. This will take you through the purchasing process. You must own a Shaper before purchasing a Skin.
    • You may purchase Ward Skins by visiting the "Wards" tab located in the Front-End Client just under the "Play" button. This will display all Ward Skins available for purchase. Clicking the Waypoints button below the desired Ward Skin will take you through the purchasing process.
    • You will select both your Ward Skin and Shaper Skin during Shaper select after selecting your Shaper, Loadout and Role.

    3D Shaper Gallery / Shaper Select

    • A 3D Shaper Viewer has been added to the Shaper Gallery and during Shaper Select. This will allow players to view a full 3D model of each Shaper and Skin in both of these places within the Front-End Client.
    • The Shaper Gallery is still accessed by clicking the Shapers tab in the Front-End Client under the "Play" button. Upon selecting a Shaper, a full 3D image will be shown of the Shaper. Selecting different Skins for that Shaper will also show a full 3D image of that particular Skin.
    • The same functionality has been added during Shaper Select before entering a game of Dawngate.

    Dodge Penalties

    • There will now be a Dodge Penalty that affects players who purposefully close their client at any point during Shaper Select. If a player chooses to leave during Shaper Select of a matchmade game they will incur a Dodge Penalty that will disallow them from entering the queue for a set amount of time. The penalties are:
      • 10 Minutes for the first dodge.
      • 30 minutes for the second dodge.
      • 1 hour for the third dodge.
    • These punishments will not be reset until the player plays one entire matchmade game.
    • Players who go AFK during a match will attempt to be booted after 5 minutes of inactivity. Failing to respond to the inactivity detector will cause the player to be booted from the match, forfeiting their Blessings.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that would cause player's Shapers to become invisible or appear immobile to other players in the match.
    • Fixed a bug where a new player's profile would not display properly.
    • Fixed some inaccurate tooltips on certain Spiritstones.
    • The legend in a user's profile history regarding Wins and Losses has been corrected to properly display the correct colors.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn't allow players to properly report the player in the bottom-most spot in the Post Game Scoreboard.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed Shapers to gain infinite range.
    • Fixed an issue that cancelled recalling to the Locus if the Shaper lost the effects of Zeri's Muse (W).
    • Fixed an issue that caused the in-game HUD to become misaligned when reversing the position of the minimap.
    • Fixed some issues in the Social Panel that was causing some players to display incorrect statuses.
    • Offline friends should now be correctly displayed in alphabetical order.
    • Private chat windows will no longer maximize each time a user receives a new message.
    • Fixed an bug that causes Pursuit's passive ability to no longer trigger once a player died after having purchased the item.
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    Skins and Dodge Penalty!!!!! THANK YOU WAYSTONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i'm waiting for it c:

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    FINALLY A RESOURCE-LESS SHAPER WITH A PASSIVE. im glad this is a thing now.
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    Awesome updates, the best game management i've ever seen. Btw i am really interested to see that "Fixed an exploit that allowed Shapers to gain infinite range" before the patch applies, someone make a video

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    I hope this patch comes out this week.

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    new shaper, purchased currency, skins, afk/dodge penalties? league wont be seeing much of me for the next few weeks XD

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    Dodge penalty <3

    Keep up the good work!

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    This thing is 100% legit
    No league for this week

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    Don't like the dodge-penalty at this point. It happens way too often that you play a game get the extremely toxic player in the next match again if you don't wait 20minutes or something.

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