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Thread: Matchmaking Rating? Does it exist?

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    Mmr ? :o

    Hey, soo, today I had a really ekhm...hard day in dawn gate, because of games i've lost but i shouldnt have lost. I've lost so many of them that i lost count, but its not the point. Im not here to cry about it but i have one question: do I lose something when I loose? I mean, does loosing normals in DG make more possible for me to get matched with noobs? .. less skilled players?

    Please dont tell me if thats true...
    By the way, i hate free rotation
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    You lose MMR after losses. You gain MMR after wins.

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    There is a hidden MMR system that factors in more than just win/loss ratio. If you play well and lose, your mmr wont go down as much as someone who played poorly and lost. Similarly, if you played amazingly and won, you gain more than if you got carried.

    Chains of losses will likely end with you seeing newer players, but just keep doing your best and you'll start floating up.

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