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Thread: The Dawngate... Opens - The 12 Hours of Twitch

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    The Dawngate... Opens - The 12 Hours of Twitch

    Hello all!

    It has been a crazy 8 months, and it's about to get a little crazier. Tomorrow (January 22, 2014) we are looking to our community to help us make Dawngate one of the top 5 most watched games on Twitch TV. We're looking to turn up the visibility of Dawngate up to an 11 with a takeover of the front page of TwitchTV. Your biggest opportunity to help Dawngate succeed is to take part in this event tomorrow and here's how you can help:

    Tell your friends, family, pets, neighbors about Dawngate, and try to get them to tune into any of the Dawngate streams between the hours of 11 AM PST and 11 PM PST on January 22nd. It's a concentrated effort from all of us here at Waystone, and we can't do it without this amazing community.

    "But tomorrow is a Wednesday, servers aren't up Wednesdays, Plootoe!"

    That's another part of it: the servers will be up starting Wednesday this week! A whole extra day of Dawngate, and we're gonna fill it with amazing streams and keys and content and giveaways and awesomeness. You can tune in to our main stream at where we will be having Developers play all day along with LogitechG giveaways throughout the day.

    That's the jist of it - we need each and every one of you to help us grow Dawngate and give it the visibility that it needs. It's up to each member of the community to show that Dawngate is different - to show that it breaks the meta and provides a unique MOBA experience. From Roles to Blessings to Loadouts it is a new MOBA and fans of the genre should take a look! There will never be a better time to play, watch and share Dawngate with your friends! Thanks for being a part of this with us!

    Brad "Plootoe" Ramey & Andy "Zwill" Belford
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    Holy Dawngate.

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    You meant 01/21/2014 and a tuesday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BullsEyeJay View Post
    You meant 01/21/2014 and a tuesday.
    ^^ ^

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    I'll do whatever I can. I love this game.

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    Lovely being norwegian now, I can only watch 4 hours of the stream

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    I heard prizes, whur...

    oh yeah, a game too, what's that about?

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    This is going to be awesome, already told my friends to register, because ive been playing this game a bit and i love it so far!

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    I would tell people it's vastly different, if you didn't increase the prices.

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