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Thread: Introduction to the Dawngate Data Stream

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    Introduction to the Dawngate Data Stream

    I am pleased to announce that the Dawngate Data Stream is now in closed testing. This service is being provided to expose a wealth of information about games taking place in Dawngate, allowing community sites to build their own analysis tools. This post will outline the basics of the system, but in-depth documentation will also be provided.

    The Dawngate Data Stream works slightly differently than web APIs that you may be familiar with. Each day, we will provide an XML recap of the games that occurred over the previous 24 hours. This includes the updated all-time stats for each user that played a game during this period, as well data for each matchmade game. The daily 'baking' process for the XML data allows us to include a very detailed report on the events of that game, beyond even what is provided in the post-game recap UI.

    This data is intended to be useful for a wide variety of applications, from websites to offline data mining. We will therefore be providing each day's data both as loose XML as well as in a .zip archive. The format of the XML will be described in our published documentation, and will be updated as new data and features become available. Please be sure to read the docs carefully, as they outline our policy regarding backwards compatibility and best practices for developers.

    Thank you for your interest in this exciting new feature. We are looking forward to the full public release in the near future.
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